Thursday, November 3

Why Bloggers Need to Exist

I've just seen a fantastic example of why bloggers need to exist and why Congress needs to let them. Compare the following two articles:

First, by the Main Stream Media (MSM): House OKs regulations on political blogs
Next, the same information presented by PowerLine: Democrats defeat online freedom of speech act

What do you notice here?
  • The whole slant on the MSM article is that the act supposedly creates new regulation of bloggers, while in reality it actually limits previous legislation that creates such regulation.
  • The MSM version has no information about the name of the act or who is sponsoring it, while PowerLine mentions the name of the act.
  • The MSM media makes it sound like it was just a regular vote to approve or disapprove an act, while PowerLine clearly explains that " the vote was on a motion to suspend the rules and adopt the bill, which required a 2/3 majority."
  • The MSM article is written quite simplistically, as for a audience of junior-high students, while the PowerLine article is written for adults.
All these things make it clear that the MSM is not going to provide me with good solid information. If the MSM would at least give me the details, that would be fine, but the MSM article here is terrible.

Now I know many papers will take the same AP article and decide how much of it to use based on real estate in the paper. But no such limitation exists on the web, and for the Sun-Times to put together such a piece of fluff is ridiculous.

All hail the blogs!

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