Wednesday, November 30

With "Support" Like This, Who Needs Enemies

The democratic leadership continues their drumbeat about the war, pounding down troop morale with every public statement they make.

The anti-war showboating by top Democrats continues despite the findings of an RT Strategies poll released over the weekend, which showed that 70 percent of Americans believe that Iraq war criticism by Democratic Senators is hurting troop morale.

A full 44 percent said the Senatorial complainers had hurt the troops "a lot."

Even self-identified Democrats agreed that their Senators were damaging the war effort, with 55 percent saying their criticism hurts the troops - and just 21 percent saying it helps.

So how can the democrats continue to say they are supporting the troops when their every public statement condemns and demoralizes them? Apparently, Sen. Reid doesn't believe the poll.

Reacting to President Bush's Iraq war speech Wednesday morning, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid griped that all he heard was the "recycled [and] tired rhetoric of ‘stay the course.’

"Simply staying the course is no longer an option, we must change the course. We can do better," Reid groused.

Way to support the troops Sen. Reid. And what pray tell, are your ideas? We're waiting.

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