Friday, November 11

Zombie's List

Happy Veterans Day (observed)!!
We don't talk about the A word at LGF. But Zombie had this great list which spurred a lot of discussion. I personally am not interested in abortion. It's a bore, and all the positions have been covered ad nauseum. But where life begins is an important question, and one that should be debated openly and rationally.
Here's a link from the insta-dude with some good discussion, altho they are still focusing on th A word. And this from Glen Wishard is just mortally funnie.

Hmmm, looks like people still want to talk about the 'bortion thang. But everyone is tippy-toeing around the issue. What it really comes down to is the basics: do you believe that an unborn zygote/embryo/fetus is a human being with full human rights? We might as well stop talking in euphemisms and get right to
the point.
This has nothing to do with religion. A person can have a belief on this issue and it can derive from any source, be it scientific, religious, or just a personal "hunch."
So, let's get to it. Which of these statements best describes your position?
Human life begins...

a. When a woman looks at a man with a twinkle in her eye.
b. At the moment of ejaculation (the "Every sperm is precious" position -- no condoms allowed)
c. The instant a sperm penetrates an egg in utero.
d. The moment the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining, meaning it will start to mature.
e. When the fertilized egg first divides into two cells, beginning the
growth process (i.e. a zygote)
f. When it matures from blastocyst to embryo, and begins to have a mammalian form.
g. When it matures from embryo to fetus, and begins to look human.
h. When the fetus becomes "viable" -- i.e. when it could conceivably survive if born or removed from the uterus.
i. When the fetus is essentially at full-term but not yet born.
j. At the moment of birth.
k. When the baby first exhibits signs of consciousness or awareness.
l. At some later developmental stage post-birth.
m. I simply don't know.
(and my additions, the science stuff)
n. parthenotes
o. research chimeras
p. somatic clones
q. gametic clones

There, that covers it, from one extreme (a new life begins even
before fertilization) to the other (even after birth, a new baby is not necessarily a full-fledged human). Somewhere in that continuum lies just about everyone's beliefs.
Where you stand on abortion pretty much depends on where you stand on this scale. But folks are often too hesitant to discuss the details in public. But since we're doing so, let's get right to the core issue. Anyone willing to take the plunge and choose a position from the list above?

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