Tuesday, December 6

How To Make Your Bones in the PajaMafia

1. Accept a contract on someone they want whacked. I suggest Ann AltHouse or Dennis the Peasant.
2. Your CIA job ensures you a lateral transfer with all the perks. You just have to start a blog.
3. Ditto your Halliburton job.
4. Marry into one of the big PajaMafia families. My personal choice would be Charles Johnson. ;)
5. Offer to sabotage a competing mob. (see #1)
6. Offer your services as a spy. Lair, this means you. ;)

If you follow my advice, you should have a long and profitable career with the PajaMafia. But you should hurry. All the best territories are filling up as we speak. Big Lizards is already planning on moving next door to Michele Malkin. ;)

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