Thursday, December 15

Jennie Roggio is My Hero

I think you all know that I am a longtime big fan of Bill Roggio's. I went around blogspace with a begging bowl to help put him over the top (AND got called an obnoxious chicklet for my pains). ;)
His posts coming out of Anbar are just awesome, and he is really boosting the morale of the Marines he is embedded with, because he is getting out the truth. I loved the story of the Marines and the Iraqi soldiers giving water to the long lines of voters. I think Bill is a true hero, to sacrifice so much and go to do something hard that he really believes in.

But there is someone else who is an even bigger hero to me. That is Mrs. Roggio, Jennie. She is home with three small children who are having to do without their Dad. I know she worries--it is still very dangerous there. And even if nothing bad happens, and he comes home safe and sound, there is a month of him gone, and Jennie and the children will never get that back. So it is a huge thing for her to support Bill's trip. Jennie Roggio is very brave and strong, but I know she would appreciate any prayers you have to give for Bill's safety.

I think they also serve who only stand and wait.
Thank you for your service, Mrs. Roggio.

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