Thursday, December 8

The Left Find A New Right

The Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms is merely an anachronism. The Right to Free Exercize of Religion means that there isn't a special tax on the Religious, not that you can actually say a prayer at a graduation. But the Left love finding rights in the Bill of Rights that aren't quite spelled out, but must exist because the Left believe in them. The current right: the Right to go onto Federal land without showing an ID.

I kid you not:

Federal prosecutors have dropped charges against Deborah Davis, the 53-year-old Arvada woman who refused to show her identification to federal police officers on an RTD bus traveling through the Federal Center in Lakewood.
Davis' supporters, at first jubilant to learn Wednesday morning that she will not be prosecuted, were dismayed to learn hours later that officers of the Federal Protective Service still will ask passengers on the public bus to show their identification. The policy applies to all passengers, including those, as in Davis' case, who are traveling through the Federal Center and not getting off the bus there.

Federal officials said the Davis case was closed because of a technicality involving a problem with a sign at the Federal Center at the time Davis was ticketed. The sign was supposed to inform people that their IDs would be checked.

"The policy hasn't changed," said Jamie Zuieback, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, of which the Federal Protective Service is a part. "There are no plans to change our procedures."

Davis' lawyers said the battle is likely to continue.

"We're very pleased that they dropped charges against Ms. Davis," said Davis' volunteer lawyer, Gail Johnson, of the Denver law firm Haddon, Morgan, Mueller, Jordan, Mackey & Foreman. "But sign or no sign, she and other Colorado citizens continue to have the constitutional right to travel by public bus without being forced to show identification to federal agents."

"I think if the government is going to insist on continuing to violate the constitutional rights of our citizens, then they're going to find themselves back in court on this one,"
Johnson said. "We're not interested in the Deborah Davis exception."

Yes, you have a right not to show your identification when going onto Federal land. It says so in article Green, Section Red in the Rainbow Constitution of Cloud Kookoo land, I guess.

'Cause it ain't in the Constitution of the United States of America. The Federal Government has the authority to decide the requirements for going onto Federal property. If you don't like those requirements, you have the freedom to not go there. It is real simple.

Let's face it. This isn't about any real Constitutional right, it is about the Left trying to chip away at National Security. Unless you have an outstanding warrent, there is no reason not to show your ID. You do it every day. You show ID to get into bars, to buy alcohol, cigarettes, and even to rent or buy R-rated movies and M-rated games at WalMart.

But this woman has a problem showing it to enter a somewhat secured Federal Facility during a war where one of the enemies more charming tactics is suicide bombing? Oh, there's no agenda here.

None whatsoever.

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