Tuesday, December 13

Let's Go Do This Thing

This is the time of the assassins in the Arab world. On Monday they killed a brave Lebanese journalist who dared to tell the truth about Syria. This week in Iraq they will try to kill people who want to vote. They kill wives to intimidate their husbands. They kill children to frighten their parents into silence. Their power is the ability to create raw fear.

The shame for America isn't that we have tried to topple the rule of the assassins but that we have so far been unsuccessful. We thought we were cracking the old web of terror when America invaded Iraq in 2003, but it's still there, in the shadows of the shadows. George W. Bush gets a lot of things wrong, but he knows that he's fighting the assassins. On days like these, I'm glad that he is such a stubborn man.

Indeed. What is said here has been said at LGF and other blogs for years. W's done what we can with conventional weapons. And, while it has been more successful than the MSM dare admit, we haven't accomplished the mission.

We also have left all the really heavy weapons in the closet. Time to take them out and use them.

People like the Tuenis who refuse to be intimidated should inspire the rest of us. So should the millions of Iraqis who will vote tomorrow. They are trying to break the culture of intimidation and death. Americans should feel proud to be on their side.

And on Thursday, we should back them with everything we have.

If Syria or Iran attempt to interfere, we should destroy Damascus or Tehran respectively. They've decided they want to play in the Armageddon League.

Time we played hardball with them.

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