Tuesday, December 6

The Media Are The Enemy, Mark IV

There was some good news today. Not from Iraq, but from New Europe. America is establishing its first permanant base in a former Warsaw Pact nation, in our good ally Romania.

BUCHAREST (AFP) - US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice signed a historic agreement with Romania to establish permanent US military bases in the country, the first ever in a former Warsaw Pact nation.

Rice, in Bucharest on the second leg of a four-nation European tour, signed the accord with Romanian Foreign Minister Razvan Ungureanu at a public ceremony in the Romanian capital.

"It is a remarkable thing to think that some 16 years after the collapse of communism here in Romania... we would be signing an agreement that will allow America to have forces" in Romania, Rice told a press conference at the elegant Cotroceni Palace.

"It is fitting that the United States and Romania are not just friends but our forces are brothers and sisters in arms," she said, adding: "We know we have a great and committed partner in Romania."

This is all well and good. But what is a story about the US Military without a little torture:

Rice's trip, which took her to Germany beforehand, has been dominated by an outcry over alleged CIA flights through European states, reportedly carrying terrorism suspects to secret prisons.

Poland and Romania have been mentioned as countries hosting detention centers where torture was allegedly carried out.

But Basescu said the reports were "based only on speculation", reiterating earlier Romanian denials.

Basescu said planes had landed in Romania as part of collaboration with the United States in the "political and military domains, but also in secret service work".

"But it is wrong to say, based on information from take-offs and landings that Romania hosts secret prisons or practices torture," he insisted, inviting critics to come to Romania.

Isn't it interesting that these so-called "Humanitarian" groups seem to never worry about say, slave labor camps in China or, you know, slavery in the Sudan, or torture in Saddam's Iraq (someone should put some panties on Ted Kennedy's head and then shove him through a plastic shredder to demonstrate the difference between Abu Ghraib under Saddam and Abu Ghraib under the US. Can't he please just die already? The man's liver deserves a vacation :-). But if unnamed, unverified (hell after Rather-gate and Jayson Blair one has to ask if these sources even really exist)allege secret torture prisons where terrorists valiant soldiers of the Jihad are being forced to watch Paris Hilton (terrible, I must admit :-), and actually be close to women (who are they saying is being tortured, again?), and, who knows? There might possibly be Koran-flushing going on, so we better get on the story now before it proves to be false.

After all, it's no good after it is proven false. Wah.

And it gets better:

The centre for the so-called Eastern European Task Force (EETAF) will be at the air base near Constanta on the Romanian Black Sea coast, said a State Department official who asked not to be named.

So-called? Um, and the author works for the so-called Agence France-Presse, a so-called "news" organization located in a shitty litle country, so-called France. Maybe, maybe the cheese-eating surrender monkey who authored (or translated) this piece has such poor English skills that they don't realize how sneeringly that comes across.

And if a fish had hooves and a mane, he'd be a horse.

You know, I can maybe even understand someone from AFP 'dissin' America. I mean, it's not like we saved France from the Germans twice and the Russians once in the last hundred years. What have we done for them lately?

One can't say the same about the writers at the New York Times.

Nor about Howard Dean. I'll have an article featuring Howard "Lose At All Cost" Dean later this week.

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