Friday, December 2

Monsters Under The Bed

The End to History? Remember that nonsense in the '90's? The Iron Curtain had fallen. Peace was breaking out everywhere. We slashed our military budgets, and called it The Peace Dividend. Bill Clinton was elected, and we cut even more. The '60's Generation had the world by the balls, brothers and sisters. Make Love Not War! So who really needs a big army with those stuffy military types and their funny uniforms? War is obsolete, and besides, I've got 10,000 shares of this really cool startup in my portfolio. The skies the limit!


You can't say we didn't have enough warning, really. The Muslims have been screaming "Death to America!" since Carter was President. Forget the 444 days of Shame. We had a Marine barracks bombed, Embassy bombings, plane bombs, kidnappings, hijackings, the first World Trade Center bombing, the Cole...

No, you can't say we didn't have warning. It was there all along, but we didn't want to see it. Like a little child, we believed that if we just lay still enough the monster under the bed wouldn't reach out and grab us.

9-11 happened, and we woke screaming. It's only been four years, and Afghanistan and Iraq are under control. Don't let the media fool you. What is going on now is more like law enforcement in a really tough neighborhood than it is war. They lost more men an hour at Normandy Beach then we've been losing a year. Our military is victorious, not broken Congressman.

But it does need rebuilding. We’ve drawn down too much. This rebuilding may also require restructuring, more emphasis on different weapons, etc., but if America is to survive the coming Century she must be strong.

You see, there are monsters under the bed. Islamofascism was one of them. And the only way to handle monsters, as any child knows, is to kill them. But Mommy Moonbat and Daddy Democrat are already saying, "No, child, go back to sleep. There aren't any real monsters. They're just misunderstood, um, well, um pussycats! Yes, they're really pussycats. Now you're tired. Go back to sleep."

Like all small children, we know that's bullshit. The monsters are very real, and we may be seeing another one starting to form.

Take a look at this map:

America had damn well better wake completely up and see what is on the horizon. This isn't the sun rising. It is the 21st Century. The 20th Century was, especially for the first half, a Euro-centric Century. The 21st will be Asian. Old Europe is falling under the Islamic Crescent, and we know what a dead end that is.

China is a rising power, but she is still as inscrutable as she was during the Ming Dynasty. China is rapidly becoming what I call an Authoritarian Plutocratic State. Sure they pay lip service to Marxism, but that is about all. On the other hand, as we saw at Tiananmen Square, freedom will not be permitted. Her goals may or may not clash with American interests in the coming years.

How, you may be asking, exactly does this tie into an arms deal between Russia and Iran? I was hoping you would ask that question :-)

Russia has wanted a warm-water port since the time of the Tsars, and the best route to one has always gone either through Iran or Pakistan. We are in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India are more or less our allies even if they are enemies of one another. I suspect that Pakistan is a reluctant ally. If they had other options, they might jump.

Russia needs money to modernize her military. The Iraq war proved that Russian equipment and tactics simply are no match for American equipment and tactics. To do this, they need money. Iran needs heavy weapons in case we decide that their aid to terrorists and pursuit of nuclear weapons is unacceptable, and Iran has oil. Which means Iran has money. If Poland can join NATO, is it too far fetched to see an alliance between Russia and Iran forming?

This is the dawn of a new century. While the Battles of Afghanistan and Iraq are basically won, war is anything but obsolete. Alliances are shifting, Islam is on the move, and the future is far from certain. The sweet dreams of the '90's ended in fire and blood on 11 September 01. The monsters under the bed are real, kids, and nothing Mommy Moonbat or Daddy Democrat says is going to make them go away. Time to wake up, get out of bed, gear up, and get ready because, ready or not, the 21st Century is here.

I think it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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