Saturday, December 24


As a kid I remember studiously going over and over the Sears-Roebuck Wishbook. I knew that Santa wouldn't bring me some of the things I wanted. Even then, somehow, I was aware that Santa treated the rich kids different. I don't think I ever asked for more than three things for Christmas, ever.

You know what? It didn't matter. Somehow, I didn't know we didn't have much money. I can't say we were poor, other than in the actual availability of spending cash.. I mean, I collected pop bottles just like all my friends so I could buy comic books. Somehow we were ok, just like everyone else on our block. I didn't know that not everyone else had to eat bread and milk for breakfast from time to time. But we were ok. I wanted ice skates and I went ice skating at the park (ok, Santa got me a pair of white with red trim girl figure skates, but they were skates). I asked for a flexi-flyer sled and I went sledding with my Dad and brother and we went home and drank homemade hot chocolate and ate fresh out of the oven homemade bread that Mom had for us when we got home. We always begged to open one present and year after year it was socks. But it was ok. See, we were a family.

Fast forward (boy, was it fast... what the heck happened?) to 2005. This is my 49th Christmas. There is only the three of us this year, Giggles, the Not-My-Kid, and yrstrly. The Daughter-of-Mcgyver now has her own family and must start her own family traditions. The oldest Son-of- Mcgyver has been banned from the house for terminal stupidity. The Not Daughter has decided to stay in WA and work to help put herself through school. Thing One and Thing Two will be dropped off by their Mother about noon. Giggles, the Not-My-Kid and I went to a Christmas Concert last night and we'll tuck him in bed and Santa will come visit. Awfully Quite this year. Giggles and I will have a glass of nogg and we'll be off to bed.

And in the morning, we'll have a full day; opening presents throughout the day since Thing One and Thing Two and their Sister and her new husband and his kid will be here. And cooking, 'cause we're feeding the whole bunch. And phone calls. To the Not-daughter and to Mom and Dad and to Giggles' Mom and Dad and to lot's of friends. And maybe Son-of-Mcgyver will come by. And you know what? It'll be ok. See, we're family

So, from our family to you and yours - Merry Christmas

Mcgyver, out

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