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Things You Won't Hear The Left Complain About

(Hat Tip: Clayton Cramer via Puppy Blender)

It was 28 seconds past 7:45 p.m. on Aug.18 when the 911 dispatcher took the call from Sascha Wagner. “There’s someone breaking into the house,” she yelled at the 911 operator, giving the address of the home she shares with David Scheper on the 800 block of West Lombard Street. “Send police now!”

Moments before, Scheper had opened the door to two strangers who then tried to force their way in. Scheper, who is 6-foot-6 and 240 pounds, slammed and locked the door on the would-be intruders, but he was in a panic as they smashed the glass in the 100-year-old door. He grabbed his 12-gauge shotgun and “was racking the slide over and over,” he recalls.

“I didn’t have any ammo for it, I’m racking the shotgun, telling them to get out. I’m not sure they’re in yet.” He ran to his basement in search of a usable weapon to defend himself and his girlfriend. “I was scared for her safety more than mine,” Scheper says.

In the basement, Scheper grabbed a CZ-52 semiautomatic. “I have this piece-of-junk Czechoslovakian pistol,” he says. “I put a magazine in it, racked the slide back. I was trying to check to see if there was a round in the chamber and I couldn’t rack the slide . . . so I was fighting it. The gun was jammed, and I was trying to get it operable. It accidentally went off into the floor of my basement.”

And with that, police say, Scheper committed the crime for which he was charged in Baltimore City Circuit Court: Discharge of a Firearm in Baltimore City. He faced up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Prosecutors dropped Scheper’s case Dec. 2.

The intruders? They got in. They took $1,440 in cash Scheper says he withdrew from his bank account in order to buy a used pickup truck. They hit a 70-year-old art-deco-style metal desk with an ax. They took 18 of Scheper’s guns—mostly inoperable antiques, he says—and some gun-shaped props he had built for movies. “They threatened to blow up my safe,” Scheper says, so he opened it for them. They face no criminal charges.

The intruders were William T. Bristol and Antwyne R. Jones, Baltimore Police Department detectives with the Organized Crime Division.

They were Organized Crime, alright. Read the whole article. You will learn that these fine examples of law enforcement didn't even have a warrent when they tried to kick in the door. And even better, even though they dropped the charges, they haven't returned the firearms they confiscated, and they won't expunge his arrest record unless he will sign a waiver promising not to sue them.

You see, Mr. Scheper, who wasn't even accused of any crime when John Law came to visit (they were looking for a former roommate) was a gunowner. Gunowners are, of course evil.

Police added Scheper’s guns to a cache of weapons they had seized earlier in the day from a garage in Highlandtown and a house in Hampden and displayed them for the media. “Two men arrested, 69 firearms seized” was the headline in The Sun on Aug. 20. Among the guns, the newspaper reported, were a “mini-Uzi, a MAC/10 with silencer, and a pistol designed for shooting big game.”

Remember this the next time you hear Ted Kennedy calling the Bush Administration "fascist" because Mohammed bin Blowinshitup was made uncomfortable at Gitmo or Howard Dean whining that we tapped Abu Abu bin Sarin's call to his al Qaeda Den Mother in Karachi without a warrent.

You see, to the Democrats gunowners don't have rights.

Terrorists do.

Maybe if the terrorist they wiretapped had a gun in his possession it would be OK? Nah. Can't offend Mohammedans, and the AK-47 is Holy to them. Scheper is a white American. He doesn't have any rights.

I hope he sues the hell out of them. He says they did $3,700 in damage and they confiscated $1,440 in cash. I'd settle for about four million if I were him.

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