Monday, December 12

VIRUS ALERT!!! Osama Ben Ladin Found Hanged/Killed

Folks, as much as we'd all like to see pics of this, beware.

"Osama bin Laden Captured" isn't a virus in itself; it's the text of a message that includes a link to a file called EXPLOIT.EXE. When a message recipient clicks on this link to view what he thinks are pictures of Osama bin Laden's capture, he can end up downloading an executable Trojan known as Backdoor-AZU, BKDR_LARSLP.A, Download.Trojan, TrojanProxy.Win32.Small.b,or Win32.Slarp. Clicking the embedded link in the "Osama bin Laden Captured" message auto-executes a file called "EXPLOIT.EXE," which exploits a known security hole to download the Trojan.

According to McAfee Security:

The Trojan opens a random port on the victim's machine. It sends the Port information to a webpage at IP address The Trojan listens on the open port for instructions and redirects traffic to other IP addresses. Spammers and hackers can take advantage of compromised systems by using the infected computer as a middleman, allowing them to pass information through it and remain anonymous.

If you receive this e-mail, don't open the attachement, just delete the e-mail.

Also, Instant Messaging clients are not safe from spreading virii.

New Virus Spreads by Chatting with You

Instant-messaging users beware. A new strain of pernicious messaging bots attacking the AOL (NYSE: AOL - news) instant-messenger network gives users the sense that they are chatting with a buddy when in fact they are being infected with a virus.

IMlogic, a company specializing in instant-messaging security, has issued a warning about the new IM.Myspace04.AIM worm.

The worm sends out messages that read "look at my new picture" or "why are you trying to send me a file?" Following these messages, you are sent a hyperlink to the domain, a free file-hosting site, to dupe you into downloading and installing the file.

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