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We Are Winning In Iraq

The Media Are The Enemy, Mark II

BAGHDAD, Iraq — The U.S. military said Thursday that homicide bombings fell in November to their lowest level in seven months after joint U.S.-Iraqi operations west of the capital.

In Ramadi, the U.S. military played down reports by residents and police of widespread attacks against American and Iraqi installations there, saying only one rocket-propelled grenade was fired at an observation post and there were no injuries.

An AP Television News video showed the insurgents walking down a shuttered market street and a residential neighborhood, as well as firing four mortar rounds. The masked men, however, appeared relaxed, and the U.S. command dismissed the video as little more than a publicity stunt.

Read the whole thing. For an AP stringer, I have to give them props for a good, solid piece of real journalism. So why am I bitchin', you might well ask. Well, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, and for some in the MSM when life gives you good news from Iraq, you try to make it look as bad as possible. Contrast these two headlines:
Fox News:

U.S.: Car Bombings Down in Iraq


Iraq suicide blasts at lowest level in 7 months

Fine so far, but catch the subhead:

U.S. military attributes decline to 'effectiveness of our operations'

Attributes? Maybe the Jihadis just needed a vacation. And note the scare-quotes around effectiveness of our operations. Because of AP Copyright, MSNBC couldn't rewrite the story, but, just as I control the headline I put my small quote under, so, too, does MSNBC control their headlines.

And headlines are important. Think about it. Do you read ever line of every post on every blog you read? Of course not. You scan down, looking at the headlines of the topics, seeing if they are of interest. Even if they are, if you are like me and pressed for time you generally either scan the article or read the first few paragraphs. The sub-header sets the mood for the piece. The U.S. military alleges that this is because of the effectiveness of their operations is really too wordy for the sub-header, but the "attributes" combined with the scare-quotes achieves the same purpose.

The front page of newspapers is even more important. A busy businessman may only scan the front page. Behold the front page of today's New York Times:

(Click image to enlarge)

All the news that fits our agenda thats fit to print, right? Looks like news that we are winning in Iraq doesn't make the front page. Maybe A22 or something, or maybe it just doesn't pass their high standards.

After all, no news is good news if it isn't bad news from Iraq. Likewise the good people at the Washington Post didn't seem to think this very newsworthy, either:

(Click image to enlarge)

They both have room to criticize the President's speech yesterday, of course, but mention that it looks like we may be winning? Why would they want to do that? It might, you know, help demoralize al Qaeda in Iraq.

Can't have that happen.

Hell's bells, man, if America wins this war, the Republicans may stay in power. Far better for the country to lose the war than the Democrats to lose the election.

Think I'm being unfair? Perhaps. They are legacy media. Maybe this got out too late to make today's front page. I intend to check tomorrow’s as well. If this is in the headlines tomorrow, I'll eat a helping of crow, and apologize for the nasty things I've been saying about them.

But, to be honest, if one of today's top stories made to the headlines of little old LGC before they made it to the NYT and WashPost, then I have to say that Legacy Media is well on the way to the ash heap of history.

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