Wednesday, December 7

Wednesday Chuckle

An uncle of mine sent this to me the other day. I got a giggle out of it, but not only because it is pretty funny in and of itself, which it is. I laughed because it pretty well sums up how people on the left view those of us on the right. Democrats are sexy, Republicans are stodgy. If you care about education, you must be a Dem. Concerned about the plight of truly needy people? Only Democrats are. Those on the right, stingy meanies that we are, never give a dime to a worthy cause. And for true corruption in office? Gotta be a Republican.

Years ago I worked on a few projects with the then assistant supe of the school district, a typical lefty educator who really did care about kids. He was amazed when he found out that I was a Republican. Every time I said something he agreed with he'd ask me "Are you sure you are a Republican?"

One other thing about Democrats...they never pigeonhole people into sterotypes, nope, never.

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