Saturday, December 3

Welcome to the Meme Wars

We have fresh powder here in Denver, so I'm going snoboarding, but before i go, i thought this was so important--i wish i could follow this story all day in the blogverse.
Yesterday I saw viddie on FOXnews of terrorists openly walking on the streets of [supposedly]Ramadi with AK-47s.
But guess what? We can go to Bill Roggio's Threatswatch were he is posting as an embed and read the truth.
This is a staged event.
And thank G-d for Bill.
Think about the past few days of media coverage. The terrorists send in propaganda to our media, who welcome it and publish it without caveat. But the US is excoriated for putting propaganda in Iraqi newspapers, something every good strategist would recommend in wartime. These are Meme Wars, and if we don't fight with everything we've got, we are going to lose.

Dannie, could you please update the sidebar? Bill is posting on Threatswatch now he's in Anbar. Also, everyone that helped out--gratitude. ;)
I think we're getting our money's worth.

Update: from Bill's post--RantingProfs says some amazing things. And here. Hey, any members that want to update this story today with related links, feel free to edit this post.
In fact, I'd love you to.
Dafydd at BigLizards weighs in on the Iraqi newspaper angle.

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