Tuesday, January 17

Carville: Democrats Have a Disease

Newsmax is reporting on James Carville's new book and his typically flamboyant, out-spoken comments concerning the state of the Democratic party. Here are just a few excerpts...

"We think the problem with the party is anatomical," a direct result of outdated beliefs, such as that supporting health care for everyone must also mean support for late-term abortions, Carville tells NewsMax.

"There's a significant part of the Democratic Party that doesn't want to reform anything. We call them the 'Remainderists.' OK?

"Remainderists are people who say that if you hate them (the GOP) enough, then we're what remains and then people will vote for us and then we can have our people at the Capital Grill (a popular power restaurant a few blocks from the Capitol). And then we can get more golf trips and bigger steaks."

That's got to change, Carville says.

Carville thinks the Democrats should take a lesson from the Republican playbook and from all people, Newt Gingrich.

Carville's ideas on restoring his party to power come from GOP successes.

He credits former GOP Rep. Newt Gingrich's takeover of Congress in 1994 and the "Contract With America" with offering a similar approach.

"I admired that. And I've talked to Gingrich at length about this," he says of Gingrich's strategy. He notes that the House Republicans failed to seize the momentum of their success.

Carville makes reference to how the Republicans have wrapped themselves in the American flag, while Democrats have ceded the battle over "patriotisim" by doing nothing to "define" it to suit themsleves. Um, what the hell is progressive patriotism? While I hate to give him my money, it may be worth it to buy his book and read what he says on the subject.

And he points out some very obvious lessons the Republicans better learn:
  1. Seize the momentum gained by good ideas, and follow through.
  2. Clean up your house. The scandals, if not dealt with, will be the end of the party's current standing and severely hinder future efforts to get things done.

More of Carville's ideas include:

  1. Democrats' foul treatment of Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel Alito was nothing more than unpleasant politics so that the Chuck Schumers and Ted Kennedys of his party "will be able to say we told you so" in the future when, for example, Alito works to overturn Roe v. Wade on the first case before the Supreme Court.

  2. Congress needs to dramatically overhaul campaign finance and lobbying laws -- and make it all 100 percent public. He thinks that challengers to sitting members should be able to raise as much money as they can.

  3. America should shift to much more use of nuclear power and even drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge if need be.

  4. New Orleans should become the first "Green City" in America, making it a showcase of what can be done.

  5. Salaries for members of Congress should be $350,000 a year instead of an average $150,000. "You've got somebody making $150,000 a year hanging out with millionaires and with $800-an-hour lobbyists. It's a system designed to be at best corrosive and at worst corrupting."

  6. Community colleges will be the way of the future with respect to creating the needed opportunities for the disadvantage and elderly to make progress through learning new skills.

  7. Immigration reforms are needed, but ones that are realistic. For example, he chides President Bush's idea of sending people back to their home countries after five years. But, he added, "the Democrats just don't get it" too with silly ideas like amnesty.

I wonder which party will actually take these comments to heart and take action. I suspect he will be dismissed by the complacent Republicans. The Dems are too fractured at this point and their radical Left wing fringe will never go for this.

I suspect both parties, if they don't evolve, will go the way of the Whigs and Torries. Leaves you wondering what new parties will emerge in the future.

Whatever you think of James Carville, the fact remains that he was a master at keeping Clinton in office, popular with the public, and helping him to get re-elected. He's set to help Hillary any way he can. Maybe we need to read and study what the other side is advocating now, before we get caught up in yet another Clinton presidency.

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