Monday, January 30

GOP Needs to Clean House... NOW!

It is no big surprise that corruption and politics go hand-in-hand in both political parties. But lately, it seems that the Republicans are trying to corner the market on corruption, or perhaps the press is just overly eager to report the stories of Republican misdoings more than those of democrats. I'm sure the national media has not picked up the local stories of Ron Gonzales' (the Mayor of San Jose) dirty dealings with the garbage contracts awarded outside of the normal and required bid process and his other deals related to the construction of the new city hall complex. But the issue here really isn't the media, it is the state of politics in the Republican party.

Jack Abramoff's lobbying and "gifting" stretched across party lines, but from what we know now, he was clearly dealing more with the Republicans.

Democrats have their own set of problems right now that dwarf the corruption scandals occuring in their ranks. Their party is split into three factions: the radical and vocal Left-wing, socialist, anarchist, extremist fring; the middle of the road moderates; and the conservative Baptist or Catholic democrats. By allowing the radical fring to run the party, they are so far out of touch with the rest of their party and the heartland of this great country, that it is doubtful they will succeed in recapturing power in Congress or the Whitehouse.

The republicans can cede the ground they've gained and the power to effect change to the Democrats if they don't clean house in a big fat hurry. I don't know if Tom Delay, Bill Frist, or any of the others splashed across the headlines are guilty of wrong-doing or just really bad judgement in the company they keep. The expression, "if you dress like a hooker, people are gonna think you are a hooker" comes to mind. Or maybe they are or have become corrupted by the power and money that freely flows in Washington. I don't know and I'm going to wait for the appropriate officials to investigate and release their findings before I make up my mind one way or the other.

But, regardless of the outcome of these various scandals, the health and survivability of our current two party system is in doubt if things don't change. Personally, I don't want to see a one party State emerge. We NEED a vibrant and healthy two party system if America is to continue to grow and thrive, and be a good example of a constitutional republic to the rest of the world, and in particular to Afghanistan and Iraq.

If things continue the way the are going, we'll be the source of our own undoing and go the way of so many evolved civilizations that rose to prominence only to fall from within because of their own corruption and decadence. I hope for better for America.

Time to step up America. Demand better from your elected officials.

[UPDATE] John Fund's recent article on addresses much the same point. The Republicans seem to have lost their way.

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