Sunday, January 29


As some of you know, this past July 2 I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer which had already mestastyzed (dp) - could spread. So far I'm beating the cancer, but the medications required me I can't hold down any job. Fortunately this year I have health insurance which reduces my out of pocket MONTHLY payment for prescription drugs from #2875.00 to $375.00.
Early this afternoon, on LGF, the state of health care in the USA was being discussed and I'm copying and pasting my response thereto:

I personally have had the displesure of dealing with trying to save my life through modern medicine without insurance and without being physically able to earn a living. Forget about it. One must humble oneself to asking friends for assistance and that once in a lifetime doctor who'll "forget" to bill me for many of my visits. And yes a LARGE part of it is beauracracy. Here's how my highly respected internist of 30 years described things at for profit hospitals. Once, at least, a year, the hospital admin people (MBS types, not an MD among them) discuss their gross income goal, subtract from that goal what the insurance companies and better off people can afford and that's how they reach the dollar amount per day for hospitalization (not including surgery,radiology, medication or doctors charges). I spent 8 days last July in a for profit hospital -NOT including CAT Scans, MRI's and IV administrated drugs, NOR doctors visits, the hospital charged me $48,000 dollars. Two years ago, when I broke six ribs etc., again, without surgery of any kind, and not including radiology or doctor's bills, the hospital charged me, for 6 weeks, $255,000. Bankruptcy lawyers have told me that nearly 80% of individuals who file for bankruptcy had to do so because of medical/hospital bills AND THEY HAD INSURANCE but couldn't cover the co-pays (If Ihad had the medical insurance, my copay on the rib situation would have been $61,000). There is indeed someting drastically wrong with our health care system in this country EVEN if you have health insurance.

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