Wednesday, January 25

It's Rabbie Burns Nicht!

Around the world, millions of Scots are celebrating Burns Nicht - A remembrance of the Poetry of Robert Burns. There are toasts and pipes and drinking and eating and dancing (Och, the bonny, bonny lassies). You may remember I posted Tam O'Shanter here at Hallow'een - Now here is an ode (a link to an ode, anyway) Lads and Lasses - Rabbie Burns' Address to A Haggis

What is a Haggis?
In the olden days the preparation of a Haggis went something like this :-Take the liver, lungs & heart of a sheep and boil them. Mince the meats and mix with chopped onions, toasted oatmeal, salt, pepper, and spices. Take one properly cleaned sheep's stomach. Stuff the cleaned stomach with the prepared contents. Sew up the stomach (leaving enough room for expansion to avoid a large messy explosion) and boil. Serve and eat. Lovely !
Now that you are back from the bathrooom - It's really very good. And the drinking and dancing are about to commence.

Mcgyver, out

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