Thursday, January 12

An LGC Zombie Time Exclusive

Compliments of Zombie. A photo journal of a day in the life of a typical San Fransican Bohemian.

Hey, I've long ago forgotten how to post things to LGC, so I'll just leave this as a comment in case someone wants to do the work of upgrading it to a post.

I've just finished a new zombie report that is so odd that I'm pretty sure Charles will never feature it -- which leaves the door open for LGC to have a zombie exclusive! Here it is:

Definitely my strangest report ever -- just a sort of photo diary of a typical bohemian day in San Francisco. That's right -- no protesters, no crazy signs (well, a couple of crazy signs) -- merely a peek into a day in the life of zombie. Entertaining in its own strange way, since it covers a lot of unrelated topics, each noteworthy in its own right.

OK, I'll stop blabbing now and let you all enjoy the report!
zombie | 01.12.06 - 3:58 pm |

Update:Now also at LGF, but we do have exclusive zombie commentary :-)


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