Monday, January 30

Snoopy Happy Dance

This is too funny. Alito is on his way to confirmation, and the barking of the moonbats could not be louder.

I'm not naming names. The list is up for all to see. And each one on that list has just made my life more difficult. Because every time I walk a precinct or call somebody for a financial contribution this election year, I'm going to run into a lot more "Screw the Democrats. They don't stand up for me." And my only reply will have to be a sheepish, we have to elect more Democrats so those unwilling to stand up for you don't weigh as heavily on the party.


No matter what the odds, and no matter how few of our elected representatives we can count on to stand with us on this matter, and a hundred others, we have to keep up the fight. The war against Big Brotherization is as crucial as that for abolition, for women's suffrage, for civil rights.

In every case, the warriors in those wars suffered immense setbacks, repeatedly so, and found it hard to get the politicians to speak up and stand up for them. Eventually, however, because they refused to surrender, and because they took the fight beyond the electoral arena, they won.

We will, too.

What is our little Kos Kid talking about? Are they going to the mat to defeat the enemies of this nation, throw back the Islamofascist threat, and save Western Civilization?

Hardly. The next battle for the Kos Kidz is Terrorists' Rights:

Because the Alito nomination is all over but the final vote, and we need to invest the next week into making something useful out of next Monday's Senate Judiciary Committee's hearings on "Wartime Executive Power and the NSA's Surveillance Authority."

You can't make this shit up. And they wonder why they can't win elections? Here's a clue, dude: unless or until the Democrats decide to grow up and hate al Qaeda more than they hate the Republicans you are going to lose. Until you are more frightened by Muslim fundamentalists than you are Christian Fundamentalists, you are going to lose. Until Terrorist control becomes more important to the Democratic Party than Gun Control, you are going to lose.

Bill Clinton killed more Branch Davidians than he killed Al Qaeda. And that was his choice. He treated American citizens who had harmed no one as a greater threat than Osama bin Laden, while al Qaeda blew up embassies. He treated Elian Gonzales as a greater priority while al Qaeda attacked US warships. He did this precisely because that is where the base of his Party is. Even as late as today Clinton was more worried about Muslims feelings being hurt than he was doing anything substantive about Muslim terrorism.

And the American people took notice. Most Americans aren't Berzerkley Democrats, but the Party is completely beholden to them. As a Republican, I should be pleased. When Harold Ford put himself forward as Minority leader, I was concerned. While I disagree with Mr. Ford on most substantive issues, he is an intelligent, charismatic leader. Well spoken, and moderate in tone if not always policy. He would have been a formidable Minority leader, and that might well have been a platform from which he would have become a formidable Presidential Candidate. But he was, and remains pro-war, and pro-US Defense. More recently, he came out as being for an up-or-down vote on Alito. He is, in short, a Moderate Democrat.

So the Democratic Party told him to go sit at the back of the bus, and put the California Moonbat Pelosi in place.

They don't call for victory in Iraq, but surrender. Their leaders call our troops Nazis and terrorists, and call for practical relations with real terrorists.

The Mafia Princess is right in that we do need two political parties in this country. That doesn't mean we need what the Democratic Party has become. It is time for the Zell Miller wing of the Democratic Party to do what Lincoln did to the Whigs.

And let the anti-American, radical Left nutjob wing go it's own way.

And if Berkely decides to seceede, good riddance. And not a penny of foreign aid.

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