Thursday, February 2

Appeasement Policy Provides No Protection

France, Germany, Norway, and Denmark find themselves in the cross hairs just like the rest of the West.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Armed militants angered by a cartoon drawing of the Prophet Muhammad published in European media surrounded EU offices in Gaza on Thursday and threatened to kidnap foreigners as outrage over the caricatures spread across the Islamic world.

Foreign journalists, diplomats and aid workers began leaving Gaza as gunmen there threatened to kidnap citizens of France, Norway, Denmark and Germany unless those governments apologize for the cartoon.

In Paris, the daily newspaper France Soir fired its managing editor after it republished the caricatures Wednesday, and Pakistani protesters chanting "Death to France!"

I don't wish this on anyone, but maybe because of it, they will learn the valuable lesson... appeasement is no protection from Islamofacism and its practitioners.

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