Wednesday, February 8

Better Living Through Stupidity

On the Cartoon Riots, by Anne Applebaum:

Of course, some good may come out of this story, even in this country. If nothing else, this controversy should bring an end to that naive, charming and sadly incorrect American theory of international relations that "the more we all learn about one another, the less we will fight." Gradually, the Islamic world is learning that we don't respect religion in the same manner they do. Slowly, we are learning that they feel differently about the printed word, and the printed picture, from us. And somehow, I've got a feeling that this new knowledge will be not the beginning of understanding but the inspiration for more violence.

In a way, I agree. I just suspect that she would disagree with how I agree, as it were. Yes, indeed, "the more we all learn about one another, the less we will fight." is bullshit. Always was. The more I learn about the Nazis, the more I realize we should have killed them sooner, and in greater quantities. Can't really see much of a reason to keep moderate Nazis around.

Muslims feel that they have the right to tell Americans what they can say or draw or publish. Seems to put them in the category with the Nazis.

Which means violence is immanent.

That would be right unfortunate for them. After all the suicide bombers and terrorism, well, they can suck it up and take it.

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