Wednesday, February 8

Censorship? or simple housekeeping?

Don't click on the title linky until you read through this, please. I'm torn in a couple of directions on this.

What this is, is a warning screen that comes up when you click on the title link. And you will only get the warning once, if you click the "I Understand..." button. It will take you to a blog on Blogger called "The Study of Revenge". It is possibly offensive. I found the subject of some of the pics posted disturbing, but that's just me. And I am pretty sure it was the subject matter... I wouldn't know Art if he shouted at me in a bar.

Ok, discussion time - First of all, yes, I know that Google, which owns Blogger, is a private corporation and can do what they feel is necessary (look in the FAQ - it says "When the community has voted and hate speech is identified on Blog*Spot, Google may exercise its right to place a Content Warning page in front of the blog and set it to "unlisted.") Second, I am very much aware that we are on Blogger. However, as dymphna says in the comment section, "This is just (sic) first example of intimidation by flaming, which produces a notice." So, third, we have a situation by which, any blog on blogger can receive a "HATE" disclaimer, solely through input by readers and (apparently) the 'bots insert the disclaimer automatically. Which, by-the-by, will result in a lot of "you can't go there's" by whatever Internet Security Tools your internet security tools (I can say this, I are one) are using wherever you are accessing the 'net. You wouldn't do it at work, would you?

So what is it to be for controversial blogs? Self censorship? or googlexile to "unlisted" if some troll hits the "I'm really offended" button too many times? or as suggested by some, get another host?

I found this over at and lifted Eamon's screen capture, 'cause I failed to save it myself. Talk amongst yerselves. I gotta get the Not-My-Kid ready for bed, as Mrs Mcgyver is at an Official Function.

Mcgyver, out

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