Sunday, February 12


It's a beautiful, perfect, glorious day outside--shirtsleeve temperatures, a golden sun in a bright blue sky, birds flying everywhere, and trees swelling with the first growth of spring. I am about to go out with a bunch of friends to go geocaching all afternoon, after which we will gather with even more friends for dinner. We're a mixed sex/age/marital status group of folks, and we will be driving our SUVs and Jeeps and other late model vehicles. We'll be able to drive all around Placer County finding caches completely freely, even being able to go into Sacramento or El Dorado counties should we decide we want to. We'll be using high-tech GPSers, PDAs, and laptop computers in our quest, dressed however the heck we please. We'll be able to come home whenever we want to, even if it's in the wee hours of morning. And we'll be gathering in the meeting room of a Christian church for our potluck dinner, even those who are not Christians.

This is a great country, and every time I have a wonderful day like this I am grateful for the men and women who came before me and MADE IT POSSIBLE.

Thanks to all who have!

UPDATE, Sunday morning: it was a great afternoon and evening! We hiked all over the foothills around Rocklin and Roseville to find 10 caches and went to dinner sweaty, dirty, and happy. WHAT A GREAT COUNTRY!

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