Thursday, February 2

Kama Sutra Virus

This computer/internet worm has been operational since January.

Sophos is recommending folks not panic, but to be cautions. Click the title of this post for more information.

Be sure you do not open attachments you are not expecting, and do not open anything with a subject line like the following:

*Hot Movie*
Arab sex DSC-00465.jpg
Fuckin Kama Sutra pics
Fw: SeX.mpg
Fwd: Crazy illegal Sex!
give me a kiss
Miss Lebanon 2006
Part 1 of 6 Video clipe
School girl fantasies gone bad
The Best Videoclip Ever

Additinally, Sophos cautions:

The W32/Nyxem-D worm, which can pose as pictures of the Kama Sutra, has a destructive payload, which triggers half an hour after a computer is booted on the third day of any month, destroying DOC, XLS, MDB, MDE, PPT, PPS, ZIP, RAR, PDF, PSD and DMP files by replacing their contents with the phrase:

DATA Error [47 0F 94 93 F4 K5]

Ya'll be careful out there!

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