Friday, February 3


Hi youse'all! Hope you all escaped the kama sutra worm or virus. A friend of mine who's one of a 4 person CPA firm called me for help (No, silly, not techno help, I said he's a friend and knows I know very very little about things technical). He was calling for the number for the Geek Squad. His little firm ( I think he said 11 computers all networked) had in fact been smacked by this virus, froze keyoards and mice on all 11
computers and was busily eating up client files. Remember, CPA, February 3 with April 15 notthatfaroff, and the outside tech that they use once in a while as their IT had left a message on his machine that he wouldn't be available until next Wednesday or Thursday what should he do? SOOOO, tech genius I am, I said a)disconnect power source to network b)call Geek Squad and c) did they have a back up of their files - to which he said yes, so I assured him Geek squad could help but who knew when.
ANYWAY, LGF is down once again. I've written to Hosting Matters (no wallflower I) and asked if LGF was under a DOS - they replied that a technocrat would try to get back to me today.
Seems to me, that ever since Charles took on the muslims especially over the cartoons, his site goes down for several hours every frickin day (maybe while Charles is out riding his cyclone of death). But since Danny was kind enough to invite LGFers over to "pull up a couch and relax" I thought I'd write in to say if traffic picks up here, that may be the reason why, but also might make LGC a target for the same folks DOSing (is that a word?) LGF so please Danny and Mafia Princess, a word to the wise.

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