Thursday, February 2


Hi Youse'all - real nice of Danny to let LGF'ers use LGC while LGF is down. One question, one statement of fact, and another question (I've already e-mailed a bunch of you with this).
1. When did LGF go down and is it down for everyone? Anyone have any idea as to what's going on with LGF or should I contact Hosting Matters?
2. There is a MAJOR LEAGUE threat out there for all of us - a new virus or worm know by various names, the most common is Kama Sutra. It supposedly has been infecting computers usually thru e-mail but also sometimes from simply clicking on a site. It's sitting there waiting for TOMMOROW when it's set to go off - supposesdly will freeze keyboards, mice and then systematically destroy every file including photo files in your computer (got this alert from three different IT managers. They suggest turning clock/calendars ahead to February 4 before midnight tonight your time as a way to "beat" this bug. Does this make sense to anyone or wouldn't it make more sense to go BACK a week or so?
3. Anyone have any ideas - did a full deep Norton Anti-Virus run on my computer today (takes 3+1/2 hours to complete) and Norton says I'm clean as a whistle!) Any bets on whether or not to trust Norton or turn caledar forward or back?
And Thanks again, Danny!

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