Tuesday, February 7


Those of you who haven't yet done so, go to todays LGF's Monster Traffic thread and read zombie's comment #31 and ladycatnip's #143; while I'm sure it's flattering (and possibly quite true, I AM NOT a conspiracy buff) all the increased trafffic at LGF (and also Powerline) shut both blogs down for many hours today.
I have a hunch that it's not because LGF is just so damn good; I think, especially given zombie's experience (a Turkish hacker somehow sent out thousands of pieces of spam with zombietime as the sender's address! - go read comment #31!!!) they also found his secret domain. This is unsettling to say the least.
And as per ladycatnip's comment, Drudge is or was reporting a concerted deluge of certain blogs from the middle east; in other words a DOS attack under a different configuration - combo hackers/Dos'ers. Atlasshruged reported an increase of 15,000 comments on the day she did her slicing and dicing of the cartoons (and she has, so far, a minescule blog compared to LGF).
Charles reports that the problem has been solved by a tremendous increase in RAM and switchover servers (the reason why he may shut down comments tonight). I truly hope I'm wrong, but I have the distinct,
instinctual sensation that we - the intelligent right wing blogs - are being censored by someone or a group of someones with or without foreign government help under the guise of an increase in visitors, according to Charles, due to a huge increase in search requests re: the cartoons, with the same results as a plain old Denial of Service.
The question is, if I'm right (and God knows I hope I'm wrong) to not allow ourselves to be censored?
And a word of warning for us "Elites" here at LGC; if we can pick up overnight LGF converts we could become targeted too. I'm still thinking of all those "Spider Bots" from back when on LGF which, IIRC, Charles had traced pretty much back to China.
I hope the administrators of LGC have backed up any and all significant material or can do so in the near, very near future.

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