Wednesday, February 8

New York Press Staff Walks Out

The New York Press didn't have the guts to stand up for freedom of speech. So the staff stood up - and walked out.

We have no desire to be free speech martyrs, but it would have been nakedly hypocritical to avoid the same cartoons we'd criticized others for not running, cartoons that however absurdly have inspired arson, kidnapping and murder and
forced cartoonists in at least two continents to go into hiding. Editors have already been forced to leave papers in Jordan and France for having run these cartoons. We have no illusions about the power of the Press (NY Press, we mean), but even on the far margins of the world-historical stage, we are not willing to side with the enemies of the values we hold dear, a free press not least among them.

It's an alternative newspaper. Don't know the circulation, but thought this to be a good read.

I personally find this entire subject fascinating. As an aspiring journalist in high school and college (before life intervened and took me in another direction), I was rabidly loyal to the ethics and standards taught to me by wonderful teachers and professors. Seeing the crap that most of the main stream media spews forth under the guise of news, makes me ill. As a bit of a rebel, I always enjoyed pushing the edge of the envelope as a junior journalist. OK, I was Editor-in-Chief of my high school newspaper. But it was an award-winning publication, professionally done and better than many college papers at the time. I know that doesn't make me Michelle Malkin. (Love her!) But I know enough to make a half way intelligent analysis of the situations at hand.

Publish or not? I say, publish and let the public decide. Put it out there.

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