Saturday, February 4

Nuke Lab Starts Taking Security Seriously

Not long after the Lawrence Livermore Labs were authorized to almost double the amount of plutonium they could keep on premisise for expirimentation, they announced yesterday that their security force would be getting some new toys to play with- Dillon Aero M134D Machine Guns. A Modern, souped up version of the Gatling gun that is able to pop off about fifty rounds of 7.62 mm (about 30 cal.) ammo every second.

Linton Brooks, head of the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration, announced Thursday the deployment of the new weapons.

"We're not trying to have a level playing field here," Brooks said. "What we're trying to have here is, we never find out whether it all works or not because no one will ever come here."

The procurement of the weapons also means that their will not be as many security forces required to protect the facility.

"You could do it with less people with this gun," said Livermore's protective-force deputy chief and operations manager, Chuck Johnson. "It puts out a lot of lead."

Hmmm. Chuck Johnson? Could it be any relation?

The link on the title goes to an article from the Oakland Tribune.

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