Friday, February 24

Some Gas from the Past ...

If we are not afraid of the Arabs, we'd better examine our heads. They have strategic power over us. They are unstable, they are fundamentalists, tyrants, anti-women, anti-free press.

Jane Fonda
Publicity interview for Rollover, 1981

Chances are you won’t see that interview on the new DVD edition of Rollover, the paranoid “thriller” about a Saudi Arabian plot to crash the Western banking system by rolling over all of their hidden assets. It was produced by Jane Fonda’s own company, IPC Films, and gives you some insight into the trendy leftist view of the Middle East, circa 1981.

It’s typical of Fonda’s sophistication that she identifies the enemy as “Arabs” – at the very time that the world was anxiously confronting the rise of a fundamentalist non-Arab regime in Iran. Jane has never been the sharpest instrument in the Useful Idiot Toolbox.

Arabs, Muslims, whatever … The liberals and the progressives had no use for them in those days. Arabs were not cool in 1981. Not even Palestinian Arabs. Sandinistas were the big thing back then. The Sandinistas no longer exist, which is something for Palestinians to keep in mind as they soak up all the funky love vibes they’re getting lately. Those International Solidarity Movement guys are the very same kind of people who were hanging around Managua in 1981, trying to find "I would like to buy some marijuana, please" in their little Spanish phrase-books. Lot of help they were. Today, if the entire country of Nicaragua fell through a crack in the earth, they'd barely notice.

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