Thursday, February 23

Technology and Me = Oil and Water

I've never pretended to really understand computers, but I think I get computers much more than I get the internet. The problems I've had with Loading, going from thread to thread and refreshing have been the subject of many of my posts on LGF - part of the price you pay, I guess, for being on dial-up (neve mind my constant cleaning of cache etc., disabling of all firewalls and the like).
However, it's not the internet or LGF communicability I want to post about today. It's about computers. If I linked this story correctly (crosses fingers)the latest and greatest are the new "purse" sized "laptops"
"while computer makers scramble to roll out models that are ever smaller and lighter, nobody has stopped to ask just how small is too small.

Dialogue Technology Corp.'s Flybook and Fujitsu Ltd.'s Lifebook P1500 are two purse-size tablet computers that beg the question. Each has 8.9-inch displays and weighs less than 3 pounds."
I don't know about the rest of youse'all, but the keyboards on those I can only use with an pencil eraser and "hunt and peck" and the meese and/or trackballs require TEENIER fingers than any human over the age of 7 or so, should have. So who uses these (very expensive) bitty computer babies? Is it just "hip" or cool (kewl?) to own them even if you can't use them or use them only with great inconvenience or, as usual these days, am I missing something here?

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