Saturday, March 4

Amazing SPAM

I was just perusing the SPAM file on one of my g-mail accounts and saw a message that promised to enlarge my penis by TEN CENTIMETERS! I didn't actually read the message (I don't have a penis at all, so even if it were true it wouldn't do me any good), but 10 cm is about 4 inches, right? I am wracking my brain for all its mostly forgotten anatomical knowlege to see how it might be possible to achieve such a feat, and am coming up blank short of plastic surgery. But I have to wonder...who buys that kind of thing? Someone must, or the SPAMmers wouldn't bother, presumably.

So I am guessing that there are people out there who open these e-mails and think they really have a chance to get in on some free Nigerian assets or can legally get Cialis online without a prescription. Or the male enhancement possiblities, of course. Or software practically free.

What kind of people fall for this?

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