Sunday, March 5

My few travels

Looking at just my friends and family, its easy for me to say that I am the least traveled of all of them. And because nearly every person I know is the working class type who can't much afford to travel, I feel I can safely assume that I have traveled much less than anyone who reads this.

I would like to share with you a few of the sites I've seen.

Five Civilized Tribes Museum in Muskogee Oklahoma

What was so wonderful for me was a collection of photographs of Native American Indians. Wonderful perfectly preserved b/w portraits that captivated me.

Its a small place but is well worth an hour of some serious gazing and wowing at the displays.

Aztec Ruins (actually Anasazi) Monument in Aztec New Mexico

Wow, what an experience to walk alone among these ruins. If you have never seen ancient ruins, or have'nt seen Anasazi sites, this place is great. Its easy for your mind to wonder back to more primitive times and feel how the place must have felt back when.

If youre ever driving in south west Colorado or north west New Mexico, see the place!

Mount Desert Island, Maine & Acadia National Park on the coast of Maine

Next to Kentucky, this is the most beautiful place I have seen. When I was there it was off season, it was too cold and the ocean was rasing hell. I could have stood on the edge of those granite cliffs forever. Gulls swooping down and riding the wind just feet away. Looking at me like I was an alien. Winking and gliding away.

Its the kind of place that makes you think the whole Hobbit thing could be for real. Its easy to imagine them scampering around the picture perfect landscape with dragons flying by.

CBGB & OMFUG , 315 Bowery between 1st and 2nd Street NYC

Just go to the link and read History of CBGB by Hilly Kristal to see why I include this smelly, dirty, creepy, dark, scary tiny little bar in a bad part of New York City, among the other notable places I have been.

Unless you know the area well or have a reason to be there, as I did, don't go there. Every second that I was'nt working, I was freaked the hell out. I was there for six hours. I'll never go back. :)

Have you been to one of these places ?

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