Friday, March 24

One More Ride for the Kids

The biggest killer of children has been determined to be Pediatric Brain Tumors. Having been involved with a family who lost a precious child to this I have become heavily involved in trying to support the and have fun doing it. Annually Honda supports this foundation with its Every year there are rides nationwide sponsored by Honda but attended by thousands of Motorcycle riders. Honda, Harley, Tykes, literally every kind of motorcycle. Personally I ride a Goldwing. In Houston last year the ride was great and we raised $ 206,000.00 last year. Nationwide it was 4.2 Million. Americans are great and the bikers love this ride.

A few of the highlights of the ride from 2005 in Houston follow.

The ride registration is something like 25 or 35 and up if you choose. Basic Registration you get a ride pin, from there up to tee shirts caps, Jackets etc.

The Blue Knights, half the law enforcements officers from 100 miles around escorted us on a country ride and they shut the routes down for us. In each city there are designated “chauffeurs” that are allowed to let one of the kids ride in this ride. Than we meandered back to Pasadena Fairgrounds for lunch. Barbecue from Lundsford’s Honda.

After lunch put on your heavy sunglasses. Because than we heard the stories from the "Stars", kids who are trying to beat Brain Tumor which is the largest killer of children today. Last year a woman almost dragged her husband up to the microphone and as he cried he said “Last Year I was here with my youngest son and now he is my only son" his other son died 2 weeks ago, and from than on there wasn't a dry eye in the house

I laughed my a$$ off last year when they announced that the Cut n Shoot Harley Davidson Chapter raised the most money in Houston. These are true Harley Bikers and the way they raised money was by printing and selling "Cookbooks"

This is Honda's biggest event of the year.

Afterwards we split up the different groups ride wherever. As we started to ride out I asked a friend through our headsets if he could hear me over the roar of those Harleys and a Harley rider responded in jest and told me to “leave them alone and go get back on my golf cart.”

Those of you who own a Motorcycle need to check out the Ride For Kids website at and see when the ride is in your area. Check the pictures and browse a while. Those of you who don’t own a motorcycle don’t know what you are missing.

Make the ride one time and you'll never miss another one.

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