Wednesday, March 15

A song I found

Well folks I found something a little while back while cleaning out a desk in an office.
What was it you ask? It was a CD with no label on it. Me being curious stuck the thing in an old player on a boombox. To My surprise the thing played a song “Let it Rip Let it Fly” I would believe that is the title but there is no info on the disk.
While playing the song kinda loud Sue came by and said where on earth did you find that. I told her about the desk.
Sue had done some marketing work in Nashville a few years back and she was there on Sept.11 2001 and for a few weeks after. Sue had told me that the CD was made by some girls that worked for the recording studio. It was made shortly after 911. I do not know if it was ever produced if ya’ll heard it before let me know. It does have a catchy tune.

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