Friday, April 21

Changes to lgc

I have made some changes to the lgc admin list. If you happen to notice that you can no longer access the template or other stuff you once could access, don't worry, thats also the case for the majority of members here. It ain't personal, please don't think it is.

Also, the haloscan admin password has been changed, and if you are one of the few who has admin status at lgc, then you'll also be getting the new password to haloscan.

I just do not have time to monitor lgc right now. Untill such a time that I am able to pay as much attention to it as I would like, I'm going to have to tighten it down a bit. PEACE !!


I've changed the width settings to make the page more easily viewable for those with smaller monitors, or those in the 800X600 setting, or both or whatever. I'm sorry if you find this less visually pleasing, it makes the page easier to look at for some and I side with them. :P

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