Wednesday, April 5

How Far Is "Too Far"?

Maybe there is hope for the democratic leadership after all. It appears Cynthia McKinney's plan to race-bate and blame the Capitol Hill police for her lack of self-control and arrogant delusions that she is more important than she actually is, is back-firing on her. is reporting:

Asked Tuesday if the cop-bashing Democrat should resign her seat, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi refused to defend her embattled colleague.

"I think that all members of Congress like to be recognized - that's for sure," Pelosi told a Capitol Hill press conference. "I don't think any of it justifies hitting a police officer. I don't know if that happened. But I'm just saying that if it did happen, I don't think it was justified."

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer echoed Pelosi's complaint, telling CNN: "It is the responsibility of anyone who visits the Capitol, whether they're members of Congress or visitors, to fully cooperate with the Capitol police. The police can't possibly know every member and can't possibly know every person who comes through that door."

And this:

Yesterday, The Hill newspaper revealed that Pelosi was so irked by McKinney's attempts to blame the altercation on police racism that she's no longer speaking to the Georgia Democrat.

For more on the meltdown of support, click here.

Guess Cynthia will now accuse those in her party who don't support her in this effort racists as well. All of this melodrama, while entertaining, won't make a thimble's difference if the voters that elected this woman to office agree with her. Next we'll see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson standing beside her to show their support by trashing the rest of the democratic party in Congress.

I say again, all of this is just plain shameful, but if this is the type of elected representation black America wants, then it can't really hope for a better future.

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