Friday, April 21

Let me ask a question Please

Hurricain season is right around the corner and predictions are strong that this season will be as bad as last year if not worse.

We all know the basics, ration and store water food, flashlights etc.

However learing from the past we all know that the evacuation was a shambles. FEMA fell apart at the seams. With no finger pointing or blame let's discuss how we as a community can better prepare ourselves and our community in preparing a network so to speak to take care of ourselves and our friends and family be they in this city or far away. Last year a friend showed me a device that is a battery operated cell phone charger. A simple device. Since than I have found solar powered or hand crank chargers also.

What can we do to better prepare ourselves for this and to better prepare ourselves to spring into action and help others afterwards.

As a starter I suggest we network and trade cellular numbers with those we hold dear. We find a list of who has what in order to find who has what resources to spring into later. So and So has a genset or another person has equipment to clear trees or such.

Since I live in an RV which is parked under a 250 year old Treaty Oak ( I know all I heard last year was "Dov, get out of there" however a man named Ed of many names predicted it right so I stayed and blogged my way through it) I would hope we could better protect ourselves rather than wait on FEMA or Insurance Companies etc.

Any suggestions ? And any positive ways we could prepare to survive and later assist others would be greatly appreciated. And remember those in need probably will not have land line phone service or basic utilities since those are almost always knocked out.

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