Monday, April 3

Small F1 Tornado passed through the Neighborhood

Sunday ...and where the heck was Ed? And we never heard any sirens, though I knew some severe weather was on it's way (Did I mention I work with flyers? We pay attention to that sort of thing) The Mcgyver household made it through with minimal damage, more of an annoyance, really. All my roof vents are ripped loose (one is missing in action completely), some shingles missing, a water spout ripped off. Siding fascia popped loose. My trash enclosure ripped loose of the rebar I had it mounted to and smacked my Z-3. Good thing the enclosure was plastic, no damage on the car that I can see. Giggles' grill is... uhmm... bent.

Later - (After Charter reconnected the tins cans by putting in new string)

But, some people have it bad. A couple in my neighborhood is on vacation/travel and they lost their chimbley. Folks with power out accoss a large area. 27 dead, I heard. One man killed in the area, when a building fell on him.

I realize this is small potatos in comparision to Katrina, or most all weather related tragedies. But some people are missing a member of their family, and that's a shame. Other people are out a lot more time and money than I am/will be (roofer comes this afternoon). I'm gonna see what I can do to help around the area.

Mcgyver, out

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