Wednesday, May 3

But... But... I Thought We Were Losing???

If the MSM is to be believed (anyone with half a brain does not just "believe" them), we are losing the War on Terror and our efforts have been in vain. is reporting...

U.S. and international efforts to defeat al-Qaida have hampered the terrorist group's ability to obtain weapons of mass destruction, a top American intelligence official said.

Air Force Gen. Michael V. Hayden, principal deputy director of national intelligence, declared in a speech this week that while Al-Qaida remains dangerous, the global war against terrorists in the past 4 1/2 years has "disrupted [al-Qaida´s] efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction."

Hum, I bet this must just stick in the MSM/anti-American Left's craw.

Gen. Hayden said key successes in the war on terror include denying al-Qaida safe haven in Afghanistan, killing or capturing large numbers of its leaders, cutting funding sources and forcing terrorists to spend more time eluding capture.

"Most fundamentally, we have prevented any further attacks against the homeland," he said.

But administration officials said operations in Afghanistan and other recent incidents indicate that al-Qaida continues to seek nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological weapons.

And Gen. Hayden warned: "The global jihadist movement is evolving in many ways. The movement is spreading and adjusting to our counterterrorism efforts, and it is also exploiting the communications revolution, the Internet and media sensationalism."

The job isn't finished yet, but we are making progress in spite of the best efforts of the MSM and anti-American/socialist left. None of the successes above would have happened if we were not in Afghanistan and Iraq. The cost has been high, but the fight has been worthy of our efforts. The sacrifices of so many civilians, and of the military personel have not in vain. In spite of all the blood spilled and lives lost(Iraqi and colalition) it has not come anywhere near the level or numbers of Saddam's mass murders. We need to keep this in perspective, and we need to stay the course and finish the job.

Oh and.... we are winning.

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