Wednesday, May 17

I have just decided to enter the Immigration fray

This is getting out of hand and if Mexico files one, ONE suit We should try to start a movement for our governments to sue Mexico so our country can get our lost money back and for for allowing, NO ENCOURAGING it's people to violate our laws. Read the entire story

Still, Mexico says it will file lawsuits in U.S. courts if the National Guard arrests migrants, and its leaders worry that increased border surveillance will force crossers into more dangerous areas to avoid detection.

A Honduran teenager faces deportation after being charged with stealing an anti-immigration protest sign.

Joel Martines, 19, was arrested May 11 on charges he stole the sign outside a convenience store where day laborers seek work. The store has been the scene of protests supporting stricter enforcement of immigration laws.

While Martines was in custody, immigration authorities determined he entered the country illegally last year through Texas.

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