Tuesday, May 23

Nation of Islam in the Heartland

A while back (November), there was some kerfluffle about some Nation of Islam goons roughing up people in West Oakland liquor stores. I quote from the AP article -
Yasir Hakeem Azzem, 19, and Kahlil Ali Raheem, 24, were arrested Wednesday for
their alleged involvement in Nov. 23 attacks on the New York Market and San
Pablo Liquor Store, authorities said. A group of about 11 black men dressed in dark suits and bow ties were seen smashing liquor bottles and toppling food racks while demanding that both stores stop selling alcohol to black people.

Now, campare and contrast with the article linked and the quote from the store owner in East St. Louis:
"Every since we opened, the Muslim brothers have been coming in here harassing
us, threatening to burn down the store," he added. "They came in here today, about 15 of them in suits. They pushed the customers to the side and blocked all of the entrances. They were screaming, harassing and threatening us. They said we have to close in 30 days or they will close it themselves or burn it down."

Now, I have to admit, the news articles DO NOT specifically mention the Nation of Islam. But a quick internet search of names and places sure show their involvement. And boy, what a similarity of thuggish tactics. So, what is this... a plan to install Farrakhanism in the Black communities? Notice that the store owner claims to be Muslim.

The goblins prey on the weak. Discuss amongst yourselves. I'll be back. Mcgyver, out

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