Monday, May 1

Protests in Berkeley?

Nooooo, of course not.

My son took over 100 photos of today's protest in Berkeley, and here are a few of them...

Big sign on the steps of Sproul Hall, just in case you don't know what they want. Does anyone see the ghost of Mario Savio hanging around? (Notice who's sponsoring this sign...yep, International ANSWER.)

High quality signs they've got there. Obviously a lot of thought went into making them.

Interesting...usually you can see protest photos from around the world and the signs are all in English--to get the message out to the people the protest is really trying to reach, that is--primarily Americans. A lot of signs here in Spanish. My daughter's gringo translation of the sign in green is "All minutemen will die." Charming, I'm sure.

Hey, at least they got the American Flag right-side-up this time, even if it is backwards. I guess beggars cannot be choosers.

This sign needs no translation.

Protesting is hard work, and a guy needs to rest, you know?! (Those trash cans are exactly the same ones that were there when I was in college, eons ago. Must be pretty sturdy.)

And of course, the obligatory iconic image of Che--can't have a lefty protest these days without it, can we?

Can we do it? Yes we can! Bob the Builder in shades of red, I guess.

Ummm, you're right, they aren't. Unfortunately for you, however, illegal aliens are.

And notice once again the high quality media used on this Sharpie on beer can cardboard. Haute couture, indeed.

Besides Che, every first-class protest simply must trash the military.

This is quite a good shot. White doorway of Sproul Hall (which, for those of you unfamiliar with UC Berkeley, is the administration building and is right off Telegraph Avenue on the south side of campus), the weather-beaten farmworker-type, and the flags, taken from a dramatic angle.

This one I like better, though. Perhaps not as dramatic, but at least it's got the right flag and it is pointing in the right direction.

And YAY! Some rational people at last. I haven't talked to my son, but I am betting they were in the minority.

Someone paid a pretty penny to get the message across, and one good thing about being up can't hear all the chanting.

After over 40 years of this sort of thing, the UC Police are used to it. It looks to me like they're hanging around the rational people to make sure the wackos don't forget that they're peaceful.

And of course, along with the essential Che and the obligatory trash of the military, every protest needs ugly people. I think they get them from central casting. And note that this, bashing Bush too! You can't have a proper protest without that!

Thanks to my son for taking and sending the photos. He has a lot more, but I think this does a good job of giving everyone just a taste of what it was like in Berkeley this afternoon!

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