Sunday, May 7

US forces evict Americans

Its my opinion that there is no place called Palestine. Theres a place called Jordan and a place called Syria and a place called Egypt and a place called Israel, but no Palestine. Its my opinion that Gaza and the West Bank are not Palestine, they are Israel. I prefer to look at maps that don't show these enemy (paleoswinian jordyptian) held territories, but a completely intact Israel without the scars of these enemy held areas seperately defined.

This morning I saw this photograph and headline and something dawned on me

Israeli Forces Evict Jewish Settlers

It dawned on me that this new effort by illegal aliens in the US might one day result in the US government viewing illegals the way much of the world now views "Palestinians". And one day, Americans living in areas dominated by illegal aliens might be forcibly removed by the US government in some effort to please the world.

Are illegals aligning to become the new Paleoswinian Jordyptians? Are Americans soon to become the new Israelis, pressed by the world to give squatters what we have fought and died for?

I say evict the "Palestinians" back to Jordan and Syria and Egypt. Evict the illegals back to Mexico, or Colombia, or Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, or from where ever it is they came.

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