Tuesday, June 13

There is never a good time to lose a hero but there is a way to honor him if you do

June 12, 2006, 11:31PM
Town honors 'American hero
'Brett Tribble's parents presented with a Bronze Star and Purple Heart

By RICHARD STEWARTCopyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

DANBURY - With its streets lined with 5,000 American flags, Danbury said farewell Monday to a 20-year-old soldier proclaimed to be "our true American hero" by a sign above the two main thoroughfares.

Army Pfc. Brett Tribble died June 3 from injuries he sustained the day before when a homemade bomb struck the Humvee he was riding in near Ar Ramadi, Iraq. He had been in Iraq for less than a week.

He was posthumously promoted to the rank of specialist.

It seemed as if half of the Brazoria County town of 1,611 crowded into the Community Baptist Church for the funeral while the other half lined the mile-long route from the church to the town's cemetery. Many stood at attention or held their hands over their hearts as the long procession, led by a hearse and 160 motorcycle riders, passed by.

The route was lined with U.S. flags of various sizes donated, collected and put up by an impromptu group since news of Tribble's death was released last week.

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