Friday, July 7

Viola Elder "America's Mom" 1924-2006

Viola Elder, the mother of radio and television talk-show commentator Larry Elder who became a beloved figure on her son's syndicated radio program, died June 13 in Los Angeles. She was 81.
-L.A. Times

Viola was a common-sense, no-nonsense person with unfaltering, inspirational Conservative values, who raised a brilliant, articulate son with the same rock-solid foundation. According to a nameless "staff writer" at the L.A. Times, she was a Democrat who sparred with her son on the air, however I am an avid listener of KABC 790 in Los Angeles, but I never heard this happen -- c'mon what do you expect from the lib Dino-Media? How often do you suppose they catch the Larry Elder radio show?

At any rate, rest in peace, Sweetie. You will be missed by many.

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