Tuesday, August 8

Charles vs. Assorted Ankle-biters and Bed-wetters, Part 137

This USA Today article is mostly okay, though any writer that contacts Glenn Greenwald for a comment is either blog-illiterate or a twisted Nazi freak who makes snuff films in his basement. Anyway, this sentence caught my jaundiced eye:
Critics, however, say he has an agenda of his own — one that's anti-Muslim, pro-Israel, and full of hate.
This is the sort of sentence that MSM drones pound out of their goofy-looking ergonomic keyboards every day, of course. "Pro-Israel" is ranked alongside "anti-Muslim" and "full of hate", as if these were comparable characteristics. Note that "critics" accuse Charles of being pro-Israel. Of course, so do his best friends. Anybody with the reading comprehension skills of a blind hamster knows that Charles is pro-Israel. Even a professor of journalism, after much excruciating effort, might manage to squeeze out this insight. He might have to call Glenn Greenwald for hints, but eventually he would discover this to be a brazen fact, not a shameful secret.


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