Friday, August 18

Summer's End

Well, today it's Friday, and it's the last day of summer for me--ignore the calendar that says that technically summer ends next month. Pre-service begins next week, and school begins on August 28. That sounds like the end to me!

This year I am, as I did last year, teaching all 9th grade general science, with one of the sections being special ed. It's a class I have taught so many times I can do it in my sleep--and I think last year when I was ailing I probably did teach it in my sleep. It is not the most interesting class for 9th graders, but they'll be tested on it at the end of the year, so we have to teach it.

So I have been going into my classroom since the end of summer school, getting ready to get ready for the first day of school. My colleagues who are teaching the same class want to totally revamp the curriculum, supposedly tieing it more closely to the standards and hopefully making it more 'fun'. We had a meeting about it in May, and they are full of great ideas. We were supposed to meet from time to time over summer break to plan. We never did.

So I don't know what I am supposed to be doing in my classroom on the 28th. If I have my druthers, I'd just keep teaching what I have been teaching, as it has always worked fairly well for me. But I know that during the first couple of weeks of school I am going to have to sit down with the principal and tell him what my goals for the year are...I thnk this year's 'theme' is literacy (we have a new one every year). I always want to tell him that I just want to continue to be the great teacher I am, but that never flies--he always wants some kind of pseudo-humility, and I'm not good at that. Real humility I can handle, but that pretend stuff is garbage as far as I am concerned.

So I am asking you. If you have children in high school, or if you can imagine you have children in high school, what would you want their teachers' goals to be for the year? Put your thoughts in comments and maybe I can use some of 'em to wow my principal.

Extra credit for suggestions that include literacy. :)

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